Can there be a chemical-free skin care product?

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Everything we see in nature is actually a chemical. Fruits, vegetables, plants, rocks, soil, water, even our bodies are made up of chemicals. For example, consider the water we drink; as we all know, it’s H2O. If we drink more water than we need, the harmful effects of water can occur and water intoxication can occur. This is not to say that drinking water is harmful.

In recent years, companies/individuals who are “fear-mongering” with disinformation and misleading consumers, as well as companies/individuals who are financing this market by “green washing”, often use the phrase “chemical free” on their products. But the reality is that it is not possible to have a product without any chemicals in ingredients. What is important is to control the dosage of substances with potentially harmful effects. Because cosmetic products are regulated by law, they are subject to strict controls.

MYHT:”Our product is chemical free”

TRUTH: There is no chemical-free product

The substances used in products can be obtained in different ways: ingredients of natural origin, synthetics and synthetics derived from ingredients of natural origin. What is important, however, is that the products are manufactured safely in a laboratory environment and in compliance with regulations.

Making creams or serums at home with oils from unreliable brands for fear of “chemical ingredients” can actually be much more dangerous. Because we do not have enough knowledge and experience in dosage, extraction methods, formulation, etc., unwanted results may occur.