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Facial Sheet Masks: Why Don’t I Use Them?

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When determining which products to use in my skin care routine, my primary criteria are the ingredients and functions of the products. Although I find the content and function of some products effective, I prefer not to use them for various reasons.
For example, I do not use an eye cream for my eye area. Instead, I prefer to use my face products on my eye area if they are suitable for the needs and sensitivity of my eye area. I have explained in detail in my previous articles why I do not use eye cream and how I use facial products for my eye area.
Another product I don’t use in my skincare routine is a sheet mask 🙂

What is a sheet mask?

The mask helps the active and/or inactive ingredients in its formula to be better absorbed by the skin. Depending on the molecular structure of the substances in the formula and whether they are water or oil loving, absorption may or may not occur, but because the mask acts as a barrier, the skin may look and feel more hydrated and healthier.

Why I don’t use it?

Not good for the environment or budget, not a basic skincare must.

Environmental impact: The use of sheet masks generates excessive waste that may be harmful to the environment. I may not be completely zero waste. But I am trying to make sustainable choices for our planet.

Budget considerations: Investment in disposable products, even at minimal cost, is not my idea of value for money.

Non-essential for basic skincare: Sheet masks fall into the category of optional cosmetic products, not essential for basic skincare routines.

What can be used as an alternative?

  • A good alternative is using facial sheet masks or similar products that offer similar benefits while incorporating emollient and/or occlusive properties. There are various products available, such as “sleeping masks” or “moisture masks” can deliver the desired effects.
  • Surprisingly, basic rich moisturizing products can serve as excellent barrier/mask options due to their formulas and structures.
  • A slightly more time-consuming alternative involves applying serum/essence/lotion, covering the skin with gauze or cloth, and allowing it to absorb.

Alternative Products I Use as Sheet Mask

I generally prefer products that can act as barrier/mask (emollient/occlusive) rich moisturizers due to their structure and formulation.

My favorite products and what they do;

Each of these products both nourishes my skin and acts as a barrier with different ingredients and formulations.

Finally, as always, I would like to emphasize that it is best for everyone to choose products according to their skin type, age and geographic conditions.

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