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Facial Massage: To Oil or Not to Oil?

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Most of the articles, posts, videos on facial yoga usually suggest that we should do facial massage and facial yoga with oils. However, this misinformation can cause anyone who is unaware of skin care to not get the maximum effect or face skin problems.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, extra oil may not be necessary, because in these skin types, applying oil to the skin while trying to balance or reduce excess oil production can actually increase the oil content of the skin if acne is present. Therefore, there is no such thing as “oil must be used during massage”. Serums, lotions, creams, essences, etc. products that are most suitable for your skin can also be used for skin massage.

Myth is “Oil must be used”.
The fact is “it is not necessary to use oil”.

Massage with skin care products that suits for your skin type:

Facial cleansing:

When I wash my face, I massage the cleanser with my hands or use a silicone facial cleanser to massage my skin for about 1 minute. The devices usually work for 1-2 minutes and turn off automatically, which makes them more convenient to use and allows me to benefit from the extra massage function. I have shown here how I combine facial exercise, massage and skin care.

Moisturize and care steps:

Then I apply my products appropriate for my skin, such as serum, lotion, cream, essence, etc. I massage my face either with my hands or with my 3D roller massager or Foreo devices (IRIS, UFO 2, LUNA 4 PLUS) until the products are absorbed. After the products are absorbed, if I want to continue the massage, I add a little more product and continue in the same way.

Mostly, I prefer my skin not to be too slippery or dry while massaging, so I choose the products I use daily with the exact consistency I want.

The truth is that you can make your choices as you wish after determining what is good for your skin. Once you determine what’s best for your skin, you can be as specific as you like.

“The important thing is what is good for your skin and what is suitable. “

So “it is not necessary to use oil”, you can do your massage with products that are suitable for your skin, or you can do it with oil if it is easier and more comfortable.

If you have skin that tolerates oil and you like to use oil, you can use cold pressed oils such as rosehip seed, grape seed, etc. if they are suitable for your skin. My preference for oils is products that are ready-made and produced in safe proportions and environments. For sensitive skin, consider products with essential oils.

These are the oils you may prefer that I can suggest: Kiehl’s, Sephora, The Ordinary

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